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Our unique approach is based on the understanding that matter is essentially composed of frequency, vibration, and energy.

Our bodies have a vibrational affinity with nature and the biosphere, so we select safe and bio-compatible ingredients.

" As a dedicated creator of personal-care and lifestyle cosmetic products, biocompatibility and effectiveness are essential components of my formulations. I create products that really work. "

Indoor Environments/Antimicrobials

I developed essential oils-based spray formulation and
successfully tested its efficacy against the SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19) virus in November 2020.
Internationally accredited standards were applied to test the effectiveness. I also like to emphasize
that aromatic grasses and plants, such as lemongrass and patchouli, are good sources for carbon
capture and soil remediation.

The COVID-19 pandemic in Australia gained momentum in March 2020; I developed an ethanol-based hand sanitizing serum and tested its antimicrobial efficacy in an accredited lab in May 2020. This innovative product, rather than stripping off hydration, adds to the moisturization of your hands. Hydration improvement has been tested using MoistureMeter EpiD from Delfin Technologies, Finland.


I have many years of hands-on experience in formulation science and cosmetic chemistry. I enjoy formulating with natural and cosmeceutical-grade ingredients. I started to develop plant extracts without  ethanol and started to use Hyaluronic acid in the early 2000s; HA started to gain publicity after the year 2011.

It was more than fifteen years ago that I sent to Dermatest GmbH a serum and a cream I formulated for skin moisturization and antiwrinkle activity. The purpose was to compare the efficacy of my formulations against 'Herbal Recovery Gel', the flagship product of JURLIQUE, and 'Future Perfect' cream by ESTEE LAUDER; both these companies are multinationals. The Dermatest Gmbh conducted blind tests on human subjects for a few weeks.

 It was a pleasant surprise to receive the reports of the tests; my serum and cream outperformed Jurlique’s and Estee Lauder’s products in moisturization and antiwrinkle activity, respectively.

Since then, my skills in formulating skincare have grown significantly and continue to expand, covering the field of cosmeceuticals and dermocosmetics.


I always loved perfumery; I started to develop natural perfumes in 2011. 

I formulated
and introduced the world's first allergen-free (26 cosmetic allergens) perfume Amyris Vetiver Parfum Spray in 2018,  a replica of
Forest Bath – the sweet smell of earth, dewy leaves, and rain. The Analytical Research Laboratory at
Southern Cross University, Australia, tested the formulation.

Tangerine Cardamom Lavender Parfum Spray is a unique variation to traditional gourmand perfumes.

We don’t engage third party labs to formulate our products.

Our founders have many years of experience working at the bench, evaluating ingredients & formulating products.

Beautiful skin and good health is when the entire organism – body, mind and spirit is in a state of wellbeing.

Peter is Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the University of Southern Queensland, Emeritus Professor at the University of Newcastle, Adjunct Professor at the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia. Peter also served as the Chairperson of the TGA’s Advisory Committee for Complementary Medicines and a Fellow of the Nutrition Society of Australia.

Peter advises on strategic scientific developments for Belle’Gard Green Tech.

Professor Peter Howe

Strategic Scientific Advisor

Peta-Ann is an accomplished artist and a natural perfume designer. She likes to use only natural perfumery ingredients.

“I have created perfumes to inspire and enrich experiences of life, as a way to bring wholeness in your modern busy world. I hope these perfumes will strengthen your natural connection and appreciation of aromatic treasures of the living world of plants, herbs, flowers, spices, resins and woods – the vibrant spectrum of living scents.”

Peta-Ann Jain​

Perfume Designer & Creative Developments

We effortlessly combine Art &  Beauty Ancient Wisdom &  Latest  Science Treasures of the East & Precision of the West

skincare, natural perfumes, antibacterial aromatic room sprays - ecology

Ecology - We Care - A Product's Life Cycle

Selection of Ingredients
Source Reduction Pollution 

Manufacturing the Products
Reduce Toxic Impacts

Non-Bioaccumalative in Humans, Organisms, and the Environment
Safe Ecosystems

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